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Success Factors


We constantly strive to optimize a goodwill environment and total satisfaction in pursuing our vision and mission to maintain a solid, reputable strategic partnership, excellent customer services, honesty, and integrity.

Financial features

A well-organized plan of asset distribution, the proficient management of the investments enabled it to appear as a credible and trustworthy organization among its stakeholders.


A happy, encouraged employee says a lot about our genuine success. We are following Sheikh Ali Abdullah alesayi approach to generate a healthy environment to do their jobs efficiently.

Our success partners

Our sound business is an integral part of an effective relationship with our suppliers, who became our success partners. We have developed a win-win situation with our partners, urging them to keep up a loyal and friendly relationship with our organization.

Customer satisfaction

Keeping up with the customer's perception of a product or service has played a significant role in ensuring the success of Alesayi group. Following these principles, Alesayi has earned customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Connection to society

We connect to thrive. Our company's ability to communicate with the community is a part of our Corporate Social Responsibility.

Best Outcomes

Alesayiah group is providing substantial results for all partners and suppliers and meeting their requirements to reduce expenses and increase revenue.

Geographic segmentation

Utilizing Alesayiah’s vision of supporting Saudi Arabia and the GCC region industry has attracted multiple foreign investors and traders.