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Alesayi Holding Milestone History

Alesayi Holding boasts a rich history marked by significant milestones that underscore our dedication to excellence and progress. From our inception, we have navigated the dynamic landscape of business with resilience and vision. Over the years, we have expanded our reach across various industries, earning a reputation for integrity, quality, and innovation. Our journey is a testament to the values that define us: ambition, perseverance, and a commitment to making a positive impact. As we continue to grow and evolve, Alesayi Holding remains steadfast in its mission to drive forward-looking solutions and create lasting value for our stakeholders and communities alike.

  • 1942

    Ali Abdullah Alesayi establishment

    alesayi group team

    The Journey Starting From Here ( First Block ).

  • 1957

    Al Esayi Tires

    Alesayi Tires

    Among the top ten manufacturers in the region.

  • 1959

    Al Esayi Beverage

    alesayi beverage company

    Producing about 65% of the overall energy drinks market share.

  • 1984

    Makkah Transport Company


    Has more than 1800 bus, Second biggest transport system.

  • 1999

    Southern Can Making

    southern can making company

    Producing 1.8 billion annually, ISO certified Plant.

  • 2007

    Unity Cement

    unity cement company

    Produces 1,000,000 tons annually, Environmentally friendly machines within European controls and standards

  • 2012

    Al Esayiah Holding

    alesayi holding company al murjanah-tower jeddah

    Forming a new entity name.

  • 2014

    Al Esayi Distribution

    Alesayi distribution storage background

    17 branches in Saudi Arabia, Over 400 Employees, Over 250+ vehicles and trucks.

  • 2016


    vendngo background

    Carrying out the whole operation process from equipment installation to ongoing services.

  • 2022

    Southern Factory for paper products.

    paper factory