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About Alesayi Services

Alesayi Distribution .

Alesayi Distribution is a Saudi company founded in 2014 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Al Esayiah Holding. It is a trusted market leader in distributing FMCG products in Saudi Arabia, catering to retail, wholesale, Modern Trade, & HORECA. Providing market insights and consumer consumption behavior to our business partners, applying state-of-the-art to form solutions, and implementing the latest technology helped us sustain a pioneer position in the FMCG distribution industry.

Vendngo .

Vendngo has been providing complete vending machine solutions since 2016. Our goal is to simplify vending machine operations. We handle everything from installation to stocking and maintenance, ensuring that vending machines are fully operational and stocked with people’s desired products. Vendngo caters to the fast-growing demand for convenience in Jeddah. We have the experience, capabilities, logistics, and full support of our stakeholders, enabling us to provide the highest quality services to our customers. We offer a wide range of snacks, hot, and cold beverages that ensure our customers are satisfied and get what they need when they need it. Our vending machines are convenient, user-friendly, and offer a hassle-free experience. At Vendngo, we are committed to taking vending services to the next level and revolutionizing the industry.

Transport Companies .

Makkah Transport Company (MTC)

The primary purpose is to provide ease of transport to the pilgrims of Hajj. It was started in 1984 and now has more than 1800 buses for this purpose. And due to its flawless performance, the Saudi government has awarded it with numerous awards and certificates.

Makkah international transport

A branch of MTC expanded in 2002 by furnishing means of transportation within the boundaries and outside the country.

Quick Deal .

Since 2010, Quick Deal has been proud to deliver the most efficient and comprehensive FMCG export solution to boost our client’ businesses. Our unique insight is to obtain these products where our clients need them, promote their competitive edge, and acquire a higher market share in the global market. Quick deal has proliferated to become a reputable exporting company in the industry.