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Alesayi Holding Company was initially established and developed by Sheikh Ali Abdullah Alesayi in 2012. Our key business segments are Manufacturing, Services, Trading, and Investment.

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Alsheikh Ali Abdullah Al Esayi

The Founder of Al Esayiah Holding Co.Ltd

Good Reputation yields wealth, not vice versa

Sheikh Ali Abdullah Al-Esayi is one of the most prominent businessmen and financiers in Aden, the south, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Alesayi Holding Company Our Industries


Al Esayiah Holding thrives on a diversified business model, encompassing four key segments(Manufacturing, Services, Trading, Investment) that power the growth and contribute to regional prosperity .


Diverse manufacturing distributed across various sectors in Saudi Arabia.


Providing a range of high-quality services since 1959.



Expanding business and unlocking future growth opportunities.



AlsiCola Event

AlsiCola Event

Alesayi Distribution

Alesayi Distribution

Alesayi Beverage

Alesayi Beverage

Alesayi Holding Company HERITAGE


Ali Abdallah Al Esayi Establishment” history went to 1942 and was the ancient name for “Al Esayiah Holding,” which was formed in 2012. In line with the economic boom in Saudi Arabia, Sheikh Ali desired to support the Saudi Arabia and GCC region industry, to persist in inventing and adapting to cope with the increasing technological era, to broaden across Saudi Arabia and the GCC Region through constant work and maintain the integrity of our business. During a few years, Al Esayiah Holding owner managed to turn his family business into a strong, regionally respected, and confident handler of the massive distribution network of some famous and well-known regional and international brands through our trading divisions, which now operate in Saudi Arabia and the GCC region, to enrich everyday products and services that connect us to history, art, culture, identity, and cohesion for communities and in our great civilizations.

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