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About Al Esayiah Holding

Al Esayiah Holding was initially established and developed by Sheikh Ali Abdullah Al-Esayi in 2012. Our key business segments are Manufacturing, Services, Trading, and Investment. We contribute to national and regional economic growth; therefore, we have proliferated and become one of the largest and leading trading corporates in Saudi Arabia and the GCC region. AHC is keen to positively contribute to its surroundings and community through healthy relationships that encourage constant improvement.

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Al Esayiah Holding Strategy

At Al Esayiah Holding We are acquiring triumph and imprint by virtue of our vital strategic alliance with diverse stakeholders, which supported us to become one of the most efficient and effectively performing organizations regionally, where we developed beneficial cooperation with our success partners and created an environment that encourages constant improvement, risk-taking, a long-term perspective, and of course a win-win approach. Also, directing our focus on bridging the gap between consumer needs and the market offering by utilizing our comprehensive supply chain solution to fulfill them.


Whether we are dealing with our Success partners or with each other, we do things in a fair and positive way.


We endeavor to show deep respect and commendation for human beings inside and outside our company.


Implementing a Constant improvement Culture to keep up with the technological era.


Provides a sense of safety by being abundantly clear.


We are dedicated to quality and Customer satisfaction.

Alesayi Holding Heritage

Ali Abdallah Al Esayi Establishment” history went to 1942 and was the ancient name for “Al Esayiah Holding,” which was formed in 2012. In line with the economic boom in Saudi Arabia, Sheikh Ali desired to support the Saudi Arabia and GCC region industry, to persist in inventing and adapting to cope with the increasing technological era, to broaden across Saudi Arabia and the GCC Region through constant work and maintain the integrity of our business. During a few years, Al Esayiah Holding owner managed to turn his family business into a strong, regionally respected, and confident handler of the massive distribution network of some famous and well-known regional and international brands through our trading divisions, which now operate in Saudi Arabia and the GCC region, to enrich everyday products and services that connect us to history, art, culture, identity, and cohesion for communities and in our great civilizations

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Alesayi Holding Investments

Saudi Arabia

To expand its business activities and to become diversify, AHC is investing directly in the real estate business in Saudi Arabia.

AHC holds the main market company shares and is one of the founding group members of the Saudi public share companies.


AHC group is looking forward to investments in the UK, and Germany to expand its business circle and reach higher grounds by introducing the Alesayi group worldwide.

How We Work?

Our Methodology!

To create a distinctive brand identity to build a long-lasting business relationship with our clients and success partners by adopting the best international management practices to become one of the most efficiently and effectively performing organizations locally and regionally.

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