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Alesayi Beverage Corporation (ABC) .

Alesayi Beverage Corporation (ABC) was established by Al sheikh Ali Abdallah Al Esayi as a family-owned business in 1959, from constructing a small factory in Jeddah to exporting regionally. ABC constantly expands its products-lines, which became a well-known Saudi beverage and marked a success story and an everlasting legacy in the GCC region.

We possess only one purpose, which is to have an imprint through serving our clients with filling solutions and manufacturing quality products that would meet our consumer expectations and remain in the market from generation to generation; by revolutionizing and executing manufacturing technology and market trends, we have managed to retain our quality and consumer satisfaction.

Alesayi Beverage Corporation (ABC) Products:

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Alesayi Beverage production categories:

Soft Drinks

Alsi Brand: Alsi Cola, Alsi Cola zero

Fifa Brand: Fifa Orange, Fifa Frooty, Fifa Apple, Fifa Citrus, Fifa Pomegranate Leemo-1 Brand: Leemo-1

Stream Brand: stream original, Orange, Frooty, Apple, Citrus, Pomegranate.

Malt Drinks: Ozai Double Apple, Ozai Grape Mint, Ozai Bubble Gum


Mardena Brand: Orange, Mango, Apple, Frooty, Guava and Cola.

Feeko Brand: Orange, Mango, Apple, Mixed Fruit, Guava Peach, Apricot, Lemon Mint, Pomegranate, Red Mix Fruits

Toyor Aljanah: Orange, Mango, Apple, Mixed fruits.

Best Brand: Orange, Mango, Mixed fruit, Guava .

Beta Brand: Orange, Mango, Mixed Fruits, Apple, Apricot, Peach Lemon Mint, Pomegranate, Red Mix Fruits.

Wadan: Wadan

Energy drinks

Code Red Brand Code Red, Code Red Zero.

Code Mix Brand: Code Mix Malt, Code Mix Mint. Nerve: Nerve

Southern Can Making Company (SCMC) .

SCMC was founded in 1999, with a production capacity of 1.8 billion cans annually. With new techniques, constant efforts, and putting its highest value in providing quality cans and can-ends, SCMC has become ISO certified plant for Quality Management System and Food Safety Management System, respectively. It has already been acknowledged in Saudi Market, GCC region, and Africa. Also, it has been ranked one of the major companies in the Middle East region for manufacturing 2-piece beverage cans and can ends. By 2016, SCMC added a new aluminum line to follow the trend of aluminum cans and expand business locally and internationally.

Unity Cement Company LTD .

UCC was founded in 2009, and yet demonstrated itself to be one of the reputable cement company in the region. Utilizes the most environmentally friendly machines within European controls and standards. UCC's production capacity is estimated at 1,000,000 tons annually, seeking to increase its production capacity by opening additional production lines in the near future. UCC produces three types of cement (Ordinary Portland cement, Pouslan Cement, and Sulfate resistant cement).

Southern Pack Factory .

Southern pack factory is under construction and will be launched soon in Saudi Arabia producing high-quality packing materials by utilizing the latest technology and missionary in this field. We endeavor to form a solid partnership with our clients, gaining a deep understanding of their businesses, goals, and supply chain needs. Through this collaboration, we develop value-driven solutions that deliver upon market needs and customers’ objectives.