Holding Company In Saudi Arabia

The Founder of
Al Esayiah Holding Co.Ltd

Alsheikh Ali Abdullah Al Esayi

“Good Reputation yields wealth, not vice versa”
Founder of al Esayiah Holding , الشيخ علي عبد الله العيسائي

Who We Are ?

Al Esayiah Holding was initially established and developed by Sheikh Ali Abdullah Al-Esayi in 2012. Our key business segments are Manufacturing, Services, Trading, and Investment. We contribute to national and regional economic growth...

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about Alessyi

How We Work

Our Key Values

Trust Alesayi Holding, Business

Provides a sense of safety by being abundantly clear.

Innovation Alesayi Holding, innovation

Implementing a Constant improvement Culture to keep up with the technological era.

Commitment Alesayi Holding, commitment

We are dedicated to quality, satisfaction, and services.

Our Industries

Our key business segments

Business Profile

Our Companies

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al Esayiah Holding